Our Courses

The CLEPTO Code™

Are you a quick starter? Take the CLEPTO Code and change your world in just 6 steps.

With less than 30 minutes of videos & accompanying exercises you'll have the tools to break free of unnecessary or expired commitments, promises & agreements & get into action on the ones that matter to you.

Includes online training videos, workbook, journal, and other bonuses.

Digital Detox Secrets

Are you a mom who struggles with the amount of time you and your kids are on your phone, media, and screens?

Are you frustrated with constant interruptions & distractions that stop you from getting work done and interfere with the closeness to your kids?

If you're ready to get back in control of your tech, get Digital Detox Secrets. It's for moms who want to USE their tech but not be RULED by it.

Detox Your TO-DO List 

Overwhelmed by your to-do list? Feel like you can never get everything done? Always running behind?

We can change that with my simple 5-Step repeatable process.

Short and sweet, get a handle on your GET TO DO List this week.

Includes online training videos, journal, and more! 

Purge for Peace™

Overwhelmed by all the things you've said yes to? Release whatever stands between you and your joy.

Do less and enjoy more hours in your day (even if you're a busy mom)

Do more of what you like with the people you like

Feel confident in your ability to achieve what matters to you most.

Music Teacher's Coach™

Designed specifically for Simply Music Piano Teachers, you'll find courses on the Simply Music Curriculum and information on Ideal Studio Mastery Mastermind here. 

Courses include: Improv & Comp

The Simply Music Reading Program

Jazz & Accompaniment 2

Ask Me Anything Webinars, and more!


Quit-Proof Your Kids

If you have kids or grandkids, you probably already know that at some point, they'll want to quit things, too.

When they're young, you have a tremendous opportunity to use activities to teach them how to navigate long-term relationships.

Using our strategies, tools and process, you can teach them to be Quit-Proof for life! 

More from Robin

Trigger Warning! Let Your Triggers Transform Your Life - Card Deck (click here to view on Deckible.com)

When we're triggered by an event, person, or circumstance, it presents us with an opportunity to deal gently with our inner world.

These cards help you process 40 common emotions and the beliefs and thoughts that come with them. Through questions and journal prompts you can reframe and release what isn't serving you.

Raising Quit-Proof Kids - Card Deck Encouragement & Thoughts for Parents (click here to view on Deckible.com)

35 Inspiring cards for moms and dads who want to parent with more presence and awareness.

These cards put the concepts from Robin's Raising Quit-Proof Kids Roadmap into easy and actionable steps, one card at a time.

Parenting Archetype Styles - Card Deck (click here to view on Deckible.com)

Over the course of many years of working with hundreds of families, Robin identified 8 primary Parenting Archetype Styles.

Take the free quiz and then get the deck to learn more about your Parenting Archetype Style and how you can use it to parent with greater ease and flow.

These beautiful cards include each Parenting Archetype's strengths, challenges & triggers. 


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