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Are you a quick starter? Take the CLEPTO Code and change your world in just 6 steps. With less than 30 minutes of videos & accompanying exercises you'll have the tools to break free of unnecessary commitments, promises & agreements & get into action on the ones that matter to you. Includes online videos & workbook.


If you love getting to the heart of the matter, if deep understanding is important to you, you'll love Quit-Proof U Courses. Level 1 uses a process similar to the CLEPTO Code to accountabily end unnecessary commitments, promises & agreements AND you'll finish with greater understanding of the psychology, concepts and distinctions that support your work.

Quit-Proof Your Kids

If you have kids or grandkids, you probably already know that at some point, they'll want to quit things, too. When they're young, you have a tremendous opportunity to use activities to teach them how to navigate long-term relationships. Using our strategies, tools and process, you can teach them to be Quit-Proof for life! 

Clarity. Focus. Accountability. Accomplishment.



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