Everything Has an Expiration Date

Use Intentional Quitting to End Outdated Things & Achieve Your Most Important Goals


Winners are Quitters


I know you're thinking, wait, that's not right!

'Winners never Quit and Quitters Never Win'

But, what if I told you that everything has an expiration date....from the pants you threw in the back of your closet two years ago to the lettuce wilting in the back of your 'fridge today. Everything expires and we need to let it go.

It's no different with things we've agreed to. We sign up for the gym, agree to serve on a committee, take on a new task but at some point, in our gut, we know when time's up.

But, we don't quit. We struggle through the workout, yawn through the meetings, and guilt ourselves into sticking with it because 'Winners never quit!'

What if I told you that not all quitting is giving up....in fact, intentional quitting is a powerful tool that frees you to focus on what matters most to you.

If you'd like to end the OVERS...overdoing, overcommitting, overgiving, overthinking, and OVERWHELM  so you can focus and achieve your most important goals I'd love to show you how intentional quitting can free you to focus on what matters most. Schedule your 30-minute complimentary 'Quinner' Call (Quitting Winner) with me today.  

Work With Me to Achieve Your Professional or Personal Goals


√ In-Action, fired up and excited about getting your plans off the ground and achieving your goals. You could use support in quitting things that you no longer want to focus on (and making sure you don't overcommit again). 

√ You know that the best results come from working with a dynamic, innovative, experienced and successful coach who can hold your big vision, give you the exact steps to take and support you.

√ You're coachable and you WANT THIS so badly that you'll do whatever it takes. You refuse to give up or give in. This is YOUR time to achieve your most important goals, NO MATTER WHAT.

√ You're ready to make the investment of time, energy and resources and to make your contribution to the world.


√ An experienced, successful serial entrepreneur with more than 35 years in dreaming up and launching multiple businesses both on and offline. 

√ A trusted, intuitive innovator who can see and hold your big vision while giving you specific, practical steps to achieve your goals - whatever they may be.

√ An unwavering stand for you. I am committed to supporting you and not letting you go until you get the results you came for. I provide strategic accountability.

√ I am a compassionate liberator. I'm here to give you all my support and tools to set you free from anything that holds you back from experiencing your highest level of self expression!

You deserve to make your mark. Nothing less will do. 

 You Deserve to Have a Proven Coach on Your Side


Do you have a big dream? Clear on your purpose? Ready to move into decisive action & accomplish your goals? With the support of your peers and my unwavering stand for you, you'll kick indecision to the curb and cross the finish line and achieve your wildest dreams. 



It's a fact. Accountability is key to taking action and getting important things done. Our 'Strategic Accountability' is positive, encouraging & motivating. You'll cut through the clutter, stay in action and accomplish what matters most.



Do the deep work. From clarifying your purpose & mission, to managing your mindset, we'll resolve it. Realign & eliminate the things that drain your energy and steal your time. Take aligned, confident, powerful action. I'll be with you every step of the way.


Why the Quitting Culture?

Our mission is to flip modern ideas about quitting upside down.

Because quitting isn’t always bad.

In fact, winners quit all the time. 

By quitting the things that are draining your energy and taking up your time, you make space for what matters most.

That’s why Quitting Culture is here to help you get clear on your purpose and what you really want.

Quit the things that distract you & steal your time & energy.

Accomplish the goals aligned with your deepest desires & purpose.

Liberate yourself and experience confidence, achievement and joy.


Meet Your Maestro

Hi, I'm Robin. I help overcommitted people end the constant cycle of starting and quitting.

This cycle starts when we say YES to things that aren’t aligned with our life purpose. The result is that we become overcommitted to things that don’t fulfill us or move the needle in our business.  We feel trapped in our businesses 24/7. We find ourselves dropping balls and we wake up in the middle of the night thinking of clients we didn't follow up with on our mind.

When we’re not working, we’re supporting our family — making sure the bills are paid, attending the kid’s fundraiser or game, and trying to keep the romance alive with our Mr. or Mrs.

But even though we want to perform at a high level, we notice doing the things that would get better results and really matter keep getting pushed to the back burner while life happens.

That project you’ve been dying to start keeps getting postponed. Time feels like it’s slipping away. We wonder if we’re ever going to actually get to it. We start to feel empty. Lost. Something is missing. It feels like we’re not ourselves anymore.

I would know. I was an EXPERT at finishing what I started. From a young age, my parents made sure that if I said “yes” to something, I would do it, whether it was babysitting or taking piano lessons.

Committing became my superpower. As a music instructor, I learned how to teach in a way so students wouldn’t quit. As a business coach, I’ve helped over 300 entrepreneurs do the same thing.

But it also became my kryptonite. No matter what happened, I wouldn’t quit. I went through with business plans and business partners that were doomed from the start. I stayed in relationships when deep down I knew that they weren’t going to work.

When things didn’t fall into place naturally, I worked even harder to try to keep them alive. But by not quitting the things I should have, I ended up quitting on myself. I quit on what I really wanted and knew I deserved.

This is how I learned that quitting wasn’t necessarily bad. In fact, quitting could be GOOD. By quitting what we don’t want, we experience less shame and guilt. We also create more time and energy for what we do want in our business & our life. End result? More happiness, peace, freedom and joy.

That’s why I help entrepreneurs create a vision, quit with intentionorchestrate an implementation plan, and bring it to life through UNCOMPROMISING support. 

Are you ready to create the life you want?  Are you ready to be the person who accomplishes their most important goals? Let's do it together, now.

What People Say 

"Before working with Robin, I felt overwhelmed and unable to prioritize the many things I wanted to do in my life. After only four sessions, I was able to give myself permission to let go of some "goals" that I had been told I should have but really didn't want. I was also able to get laser-focused on the things I did want, learn how to reframe my thinking around "distraction," and get way more done than I had before."

 Megan Wildhood, Author, Editor & Writing Coach

"Because of Robins's teachings and mentorship I was able to transform my life from hard with many struggles, to being, awake and alive with possibility and a chance to choose my reality.
I am pleased to say I no longer struggle against the moment and I am free from the things that used to hold me back. Thank you Robin."

Wallace Stegner

"As the Senior Coach for my LEAD Mastermind members and our Business Basics Breakthrough clients, Robin’s genius is helping people get clear & identify their next best step.

She is unwavering in providing support and accountability. I highly recommend her, she puts her ALL into everything she does! "

Jay Fiset, Founder of Mastermind to Millions and JVology

"I've worked with Robin for years on different projects and businesses. Robin immediately makes you feel comfortable and heard. She is incredibly wise, insightful, and intuitive. She encourages you to grow and always sees the best in you. I couldn't recommend her more. She is a gem!"

Jeremiah Duarte Bills, Arco Iris & The Portuguese Baking School

'When our beliefs, thoughts & actions align with our values we can experience peace, freedom & joy." Robin Quinn Keehn 


"Working with Robin is one of the highlights of my professional life! I have been privileged to be a part of one of her mastermind groups, one on one coaching, and various workshops.

Robin has a unique way to get to the heart of the matter. She has helped me to discover clarity in my purpose, all the while honoring who I am and coaching me to be the best version of myself."

Rochelle Giordano, aka Mrs. G. at Playing for Keeps Studio

"I am so glad I finally took the plunge & enrolled in Laser Coaching with Robin. With her compassionate insightful feedback & focused sessions, Robin has helped me make great progress in areas I had been stalled out in for a year."

Shari Griswold, Sweet Harmony Studio