You Deserve to Achieve Your Most Important Goals.

Exclusive Backstage Pass Access to Robin

VIP Coaching: 'Rapido' or 'Crescendo'.

You choose.

On-Demand Rapido Coaching - The Best 15  Minutes of Your Day


Laser focused. Clarifying.  Always on point to support your momentum.


Come with questions, leave with answers & decisive, strategic action steps. 


Get the right things done in the right order & achieve your most important goals. 

Crescendo Coaching- The 60 Minute Deep Dive


Ample time to explore questions, consider multiple possibilities &  find solutions.


Collaborative coaching brings out the brightest & best in you so you achieve your most important work 


Longer sessions allow for flexibility to address multiple topics in one call. 



√ In-Action, fired up and excited about getting your plans off the ground and achieving your goals.

√ You know that the best results come from working with a dynamic, innovative, experienced and successful coach who can hold your big vision, give you the exact steps to take and support you. 

√ You're coachable and you WANT THIS so badly that you'll do whatever it takes. You refuse to give up or give in. This is YOUR time to achieve your most important goals, NO MATTER WHAT.

√ You're ready to make the investment of time, energy and resources and to make your contribution to the world. It's time to make your mark. 


√ An experienced, successful serial entrepreneur with more than 35 years in dreaming up and launching multiple businesses both on and offline.

√ A trusted, intuitive innovator who can see and hold your big vision while giving you specific, practical steps to achieve your goals - whatever they may be.

√ An unwavering stand for you. I am commited to supporting you and not letting you go until you get the results you came for. I provide strategic accountability. 

√ I am the compassionate liberator. I'm here to give you all my support and tools to set you free from anything that holds you back from experiencing your highest level of self expression!

You deserve to make your mark. Nothing less will do. 


How Rapido Coaching Works


This is one of the fastest ways to get into & stay in action. With your personal link, you can schedule UNLIMITED 15 minute LASER Coaching sessions with me for 12 months*. 

During each session we'll discuss your progress, uncover any blocks & determine your next best step. You'll be amazed by what we can cover in 15 minutes. Our calls will be laser-focused, direct, powerful. 

Work at your own pace & use your link to sign up for your next session as soon as you've completed your homework. 

*Unlike many coaches who sell this type of coaching & count on you to stop showing up, I go the distance to make sure you're getting the results you signed up for. I give you my UNWAVERING support (you can run but you can't hide!).

$4997 for 12 months.


 How Crescendo Coaching Works


If you're better served by more time to ask questions, explore ideas & consider options, this is for you. We'll work collaboratively in innovative ways that allows your gifts to be discovered, and strengths to unfold. You'll shine.

Coaching packages are tailored to your specific needs. A DEEP DIVE will get you the results you want in your personal & professional life and we'll have fun doing it! 

Each time we meet we'll set an objective, meet it and move the needle on your goals. You'll leave feeling clear, energized and empowered. We'll uncover mindset blocks that hold you back and set you FREE so that you're excited to complete the next step. 

Set up a complimentary Strategy Session today. We'll discuss your situation & set up a customized plan to reach your goals.




Shari Griswold, Studio Owner

"I am so glad I finally took the plunge & enrolled in Laser Coaching with Robin. With her compassionate insightful feedback & focused sessions, Robin has helped me make great progress in areas I had been stalled out in for a year."

Jay Fiset, Founder of Mastermind to Millions & Jvology

"As the Senior Coach for my LEAD Mastermind members Robin's genius was helping clients get clear & indentify their next best steps. She was unwavering in providing support & accountability. I highly recommend her, she puts her ALL into everything she does!"

Christa Sigman, Studio Owner

"Robin is an amazing coach. She is a master teacher with a supportive and encouraging personality & energy that feeds my confidence."

Clarity | Accountability | Accomplishment