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It's simple. Start with a 30 minute Strategy Session. Your coach will help you get clear on your goals & together, you'll set up a personal action plan. Then each week you'll...


Show up. Acknowledge your wins. State your goals. Eliminate roadblocks. Go!



Did you know...you have a 95% increased chance of success in reaching your personal and professional goals when you have an accountability check-in? 




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Start Your AccountabilityJam

90-day Sprint

Alone or combined with our other tools, committed Accountability puts you on the fast track to accomplish your goals.

Sprint for 90 days and marvel at your transformation when you have powerful support. You'll make remarkable, trackable PROGRESS on your goals. 

Our Accountability Jam Membership gives you tangible tools & support to get what matters most deeply done.

Your Tools


Login, check in, declare your goal & work on your projects in a supported online environment for 120 minutes each week.


Weekly, you'll meet with your coach for a laser-focused call to report your wins, uncover blocks, get your next steps, and go!


Matched with a Jam Partner, together you'll design an accountability strategy to give & receive committed powerful support.

*Not a required component but if you want to ramp your results even more, it's highly recommended.

These are strange days indeed AND, the opportunity for you to get MOMENTUM on your most important goals is happening NOW.

Right now, get committed support and position yourself to be stronger and more confident than ever.  Say yes to you & your goals. Enroll in the Accountability Jam 90 Day Sprint today. 

We'll start with a 30 minute 1:1 call to set the VISION and establish the goals.  Every week you'll check in, celebrate your wins, declare your goals & clear any obstacles and GO!  Get to work with 2 Visual Office hours each week!  

Right now, I'm offering you 90 Days of committed support for only $197/month or $500 paid-in-full. This type of accountability is valued at $500 a month. You don't want to miss it.

Let's make it a powerful time of achievement for you! 


Ready? Let's go! 

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