We believe Remarkable Partnerships

Thrive in Community

If you're a purpose-led entrepreneur ready for a dynamic community, you're home.

Introducing the Connective Collective Joint Venture Mastermind 

The Alchemy of JV Masterminds

Like-Minded People

Each member is carefully vetted & brings unique gifts & resources to share with an open heart and hand.

Brilliance in the Room

Magic happens when smart, like-minded, purpose-led people surround you with committed support.

Skillful Facilitation

Skillful, no-nonsense facilitation from a highly experienced expert supports you in staying on track & achieving your goals. 

This is for you if: 

You have an abundance mindset


You are actively creating your impact in the world


You believe there are plenty of ideal clients to go around


You believe that you're better when you're surrounded by people who are as smart - or even smarter - than you! 


You're coachable and are open to both giving and receiving input and support


You play well with others and are fun to be around


You keep your word with yourself and others


You are in business. You have a viable offer and have made sales


If this sounds like your kind of community, join us in 


The Connective Collective 

an innovative community of brilliant leaders in partnership to impact the world! 


2x/Mo. Masterminds

2x a month, meet with other members for a professionally facilitated Mastermind, complete with laser-focused hot seats on the topic of your choice. There's nothing like a Mastermind to get you out-of-the-box results! 

Pitch Fests

Test your latest pitch to members in the safe-zone of non-judgement. Get great feedback so you can refine, retest and pitch your ideal clients with the best version that converts! Or, pitch your JV offer & find partners!  

JV Mingles

A little like speed-dating, spend 90 minutes meeting potential JV partners in Zoom Breakout Rooms. Make your introductions, pitch and follow up! 

Member Mixers

Different than a mingle, the monthly mixer gives you a chance to introduce yourself to the whole group and meet new members in a fast, fun space. Take good notes so you can follow up with your perfect partners! 

What People Say About Masterminding with Robin

“I don’t even want to try to imagine where I would be if I hadn’t joined Robin’s mastermind group 4 years ago.”  Amy L. 

“The longer I participate, the more valuable it becomes.”  Brenda D.

“It has been a wonderful experience to be part of the Mastermind group. it definitely helped me to “master” my mind.” Kasia H.  

“Robin moderates our sessions with a blend of compassion, incisiveness, and directness that brings out the best in all of us and is a pleasure to work with.” Evan H. 

“The shortest distance between where you are and where you want your business to be runs through Robin Keehn and Mastermind."  John H.

The Details

 I believe in the power of community with leaders who are out to make a real impact in the world. I've been creating communities since I was a little girl and it's one of my favorite things to do.

Since participating in Jay Fiset's 'Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp' in 2015, I've been facilitating my own masterminds and masterminds for other leaders in the coach/speaker/author industry.

I'm also a huge fan of JV's (Joint Ventures). As a music and dance studio owner, we formed JV partnerships with businesses both large and small, in and out of town, that were a perfect fit.

I've done JVs with partners in the digital world for nearly a decade and love the magic that happens when real, equitable partnerships are forged.

My vision for this community is one of VIBRANCE , CONNECTION & ALCHEMY !  I'm anticipating the emergence of the brightest and best from each member so we can create something outstanding together!


This group is growing and my team is in place to support our growth. To begin, our membership will take place in my Facebook Group, The Connective Collective. 

Every month you will have access to:

2x Month- 2 Hour Mastermind facilitated by me!  Limited to 12 people, you'll get an opportunity to experience the magic and benefits of participating in Mastermind 'hot-seats'. Reservation required.  More times will be added as the group grows. 

Twice-monthly 90 minute JV Mingles - A little like "Speed Dating" you'll have opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs for quick-fire introductions & JV connections.

Weekly PITCH FEST!  Make your JV offer live in the group or record it and find partners. If you want to test a product or service offer, pitch that & ask for feedback. Get real-time reactions & input. 

Monthly All Member Mingle - One Friday evening a month, bring your favorite beverage, your celebrations & maybe a new friend and hang out with all the cool kids


Monthly Investment 

only $197 

I look forward to getting to know you in the Connective Collective!

- Robin Quinn Keehn -


Q. I'm pretty advanced. I have a solid 6-figure+ business. Will there be people at my level in this group?

A: The intention is this group is to accept qualified members by application only and as the group grows, you'll a clear way of identifying people in different levels of business. The way to make sure there are like-minded people at your level is for you to invite them in!

Q. I'm new to Joint Ventures - I'm interested but I don't have experience with them. Will I learn how to do them here?

A. That's a great question and the answer is YES! I've been involved in JV's for more than a decade as well as being the JVology Global Lounge Host in Seattle. I can provide you a ton of information & support AND/OR get you connected (via my affiliate link :)) to the JVology Program and Community.

Q. Can I pitch my services to other member of this group?

A. This is a pitch-free zone (except during Pitch Fests - which is meant to be a testing opportunity to pitch-refine-pitch). With that being said, if someone hears what you do and thinks, "Hey! I need that", go for it. Otherwise, please do not sell your services inside the group. Provide value & let others seek you out. 

Q. It looks pretty cool! Is there a cap on how many people can join?

A. My intention is to get started and GROW! The more qualified members, the more opportunities you'll have to identify and develop partnerships within the community. 

Q. Can I bring a friend?

A. Absolutely! If you have a friend who would uplevel the group and is someone you admire & respect, please invite them to apply. If you'd like, sign up to be an Affiliate using the link in the footer and get residual income for each member you refer for the lifetime of their membership.