The CLEPTO Code Course™


The CLEPTO Code™ - 6 Steps to Stop Stealing from Yourself.

It's time to stop stealing time & energy from yourself by doing things that are outdated, unwanted, or unnecessary. You said yes but now it's time to let them go and live life with more momentum and freedom. In the CLEPTO Code™ you'll:

  • Get clear on your purpose
  • Quit unnecessary commitments, promises & agreements accountably & guilt free
  • Commit to what matters, and
  • Reach the goals that are most important to you.

In under 3 hours, you can watch the videos, do the exercises and unlock more happiness, freedom, and success!


If you're a Quick-Starter, you'll love our 6 step process! You'll get clarity around your purpose, mission, vision & values and then learn how to list, evaluate & eliminate commitments, promises & agreements that no longer align. 

We give you the tools and strategies to commit to what matters & finish what you start.  Ready? Let's go!