Digital Detox Secrets Challenge




5 Steps to "Lose the Leash" for moms feeling addicted to their phones who want to get back in control, feel more connected to their kids, and feel confident they can help their kids find a healthy balance with their screen time, too.

Learn how to:

See and track your daily interactions with your digital devices, so you can shine a light on how often you touch your phone, open apps, and interact.

Turn off notifications, so you can experience what it feels like to have no interruptions or distractions from your digital devices.

Easily set times that your digital devices are out of reach, so you can be more present and I'll show you how to do this with your kids, too.

Manage screens at night for optimized sleep so you and your kids wake up feeling more refreshed, less groggy, and have energy for the day

Look at your daily activities in a new way, so you can choose how you want to spend your time rather than be attached to the 'Electronic Leash' and waste precious time that you can never get back.

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