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Dip Your Toe in the Musical Waters....

Are you uncertain about introducing and sustaining Simply Music's Comp & Improv Program? In this 4 hour workshop, Robin will take you through her repeatable, successful step-by-step process so you know exactly how to bring this great program to life for you and your students. $97 (special Retreat Attendee Price). 

Get Inspired (and equipped) to become a Generative Teacher....

One of Simply Music's goals is for students to become self-generative but to teach them how, you must become it first. Robin takes you through the process - from Reading Rhythm and Notes to Time for More Music & beyond in this 8 hour workshop. $197 (special Retreat Price)

Open new musical windows & doors via Jazz & Accompaniment 2

When your students are ready - usually sometime after Level 5 - broaden their musical horizons through these two amazing programs. Step-by-step you'll experience both programs so you can teach with confidence. 8 Hours.  $197 (special Retreat Attendee Price)

One-to-One Coaching

I'm not everyone's cup of tea but I may be yours! If you appreciate a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to getting creative ideas and fresh solutions to your studio issues & opportunities contact me. If we're a good fit, I'd love to be support you in achieving your goals. PS - I especially LOVE helping with the Core Conversations & Becoming Requirement Based!

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call 


Coming 2016 I recorded 10 'Ask Me Anything' hour-long webinars on every topic imaginable for Simply Music Teachers. I'll be posting them here shortly for purchase.

Raising Quit-Proof Kids for Studio Owners

How's your studio retention? Do you wish you had a way to significantly improve it? Check out the Raising Quit-Proof Kids Program. It takes the Relationship Conversation to a whole new level. Equip yourself to support parents through the peaks, valleys, and plateaus so they can raise confident, quit-proof kids.

Hands-On Messaging & Marketing Workshop

You want to stand out in the world of piano teachers, right? Learn exactly how to do that in this 4-week 'Done with You' Messaging & Marketing Workshop. Craft your 'anything BUT vanilla' messages, create compelling content, and get yourself seen by your ideal students. Special RETREAT Pricing through August 3rd.  Find out more here.

Welcome to Music Teacher's Coach. The resources here are for any and all Simply Music Teachers who are committed to excellence and studio happiness. 


My name is Robin Quinn Keehn and I'm a Master Simply Music Teacher and the former Director of Development & Teacher Trainer at Simply Music. 

In 2003, I went from struggling with 10 private, traditional students who showed up for 'glorified practice sessions' to having a thriving, joyful Simply Music studio filled with more than 60 students who were making joyful, consistent, rapid progress.

I went from having a stressful 'request' based studio and making a small contribution to my family and my becoming a super confident 'requirement' based teacher and making a huge contribution to my family and my community

I am committed to supporting you so you can be thrilled by who you are in your studio, your teaching, and your life. Why? Because you deserve to be. 

I believe you can transform your teaching and get mastery over your business so you can love your work, be confident, make more money, be successful, and have more time for everything else in your life.  That’s why you teach music, right?

If you're ready to transform your studio and your life, I invite you to explore the resources for you here.

Ideal Studio Mastery Mastermind

The MOST Powerful Tool for Studio Transformation

The ULTIMATE transformation is available to you through the Ideal Studio Mastery Mastermind. If you're ready to have the studio of your dreams and enjoy committed support of me and other like-minded teachers, talk with me.  We're enrolling now for October 2021.

This year-long experience will be deep, meaningful, and give you lasting results.  We address mindset, building habits of success, the skillful delivery of core conversations, excellence in teaching, mastering the Simply Music curriculum, and finding and sustaining balance & happiness in your life. 

Space is limited and admission is by application and invitation only.  Schedule a free 30 minute call with me to find out more about this outstanding, intimate group. 

If you'd like to talk to current members of the Ideal Studio Mastery Mastermind, please let me know and they'd be happy to share their experiences with you. 

What Simply Music Teachers say....

I don't even want to try to imagine where I would be if I hadn't joined Robin's Mastermind group 5 years ago.

The longer I participate, the move valuable it becomes. My confidence as a teacher is at a completely different level thanks to my mastermind group.

Robin is a consummate group leader. While our focus is on professional growth, there is a deep understanding that personal and professional are inextricably linked and group members are free to bring any topic to the group. 

Amy Levine

Simply Music Teacher

I took the Improv & Comp workshop with Robin, and it opened up a new world! I come from a traditional background so I have always felt a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by the Comp & Improv streams.

Robin helped me see how easy, accessible, and fun it could be for me and my students. She gave me lots of practical tips, tricks, and assignments.

She helped me transform something daunting into something doable.  My students and I have all made such huge strides!

Tanya Mills

Tanya Mills

Simply Music Teacher

 Being part of the Mastermind has been an amazing experience. Getting to know Robin and other members taught me more about myself.

It has been very helpful in working on goals, be accountable, focused and committed. I appreciated the differences, the like-mindedness &  support.

 I appreciate Robin’s wisdom and experience, how she helps others to see and live their potential.

Kasia Haroldsen

Simply Music Teacher

Additional Resources

Parenting Archetype Style

Curious about your Parenting Archetype Style? Curious about the parenting styles of the moms in your studio? Take the Quiz and see what it's all about! You'll get a 5 page Style Guide about your parenting style for free!

The Parenting Archetype Style Guide

I've identified 8 Parenting Archetype Styles. Get the complete Style Guide and discover the values, strengths, and challenges of each Parenting Archetype now.  40 Page. Special offer: $7.00! 

Music & Creativity Podcast Episode

Listen in as Robin & Neil discuss the critical role of music in the development of the brain & creativity. Key takeaway - The ability to recognize opportunity comes out of our creative capability. Curious? Check out this episode of Robin's podcast, The Liberated Life.