Play with Simply Music - 4 Song Workshop


Simply Music Piano Playing-Based Online Self-Study Intro Program: Learn to play great-sounding songs and improvisations on the piano, immediately, at your own pace starting today!

- Play with both hands together immediately

- Great for all ages

- Doesn't require hours and hours of lessons to play

Scroll down to watch Lesson 1 for free and find out more about this truly revolutionary approach that taps into your natural musicality and musicianship.


Simply Music Piano is The Revolutionary Playing-Based Method from Australia

The Simply Music Piano Method is a dream come true. If you've always wanted to sit and play the piano, Simply Music has made that dream come true for hundreds of thousands of students around the world. With its revolutionary Playing-Based method, we temporarily delay reading and give you the opportunity to relate directly to the instrument in the most natural and connected way.

Our brains look for patterns everywhere and we use that innate way of learning to get you playing great-sounding music with both hands together from your very first lesson.

Play with Simply Music is an online self-study version of Simply Music’s introductory Student Workshop. It’s the most affordable and convenient way to get a taste of what it’s like to study Simply Music® Piano with a teacher — and you can watch the FIRST LESSON for FREE above.

Presented by Master Simply Music Teachers Robin Keehn and Mark S, Meritt in cooperation with Simply Music, the Play with Simply Music program includes two months’ worth of lesson instruction for less than the price of two weeks of lessons with a teacher. You’ll receive:

An enhanced version of the Student Home Materials (SHMs) for Simply Music’s 4-song introductory Student Workshop, including:

  • Enhanced Reference Book PDF
  • Support Videos
  • Audio Recordings
  • Practice Pad, allows you to do the program even if you don’t have a piano or keyboard

Six comprehensive Lesson Videos taught by Master Simply Music Teachers Robin Keehn and Mark S. Meritt, covering:

  • Thorough teaching of the four Student Workshop pieces
  • Four improvisation projects
  • Informative discussions about the Simply Music Piano Method, key principles, bonus learning strategies, and more
  • Demonstrations of advanced curriculum pieces developed from the four Student Workshop pieces
  • Information on options for moving forward in studying the Simply Music Piano Method

If you're eager to play and ready to start, get this program now and see how Simply Music really will make your musical dreams a reality today!