I'm Robin quinn keehn

Achievement Coach and Freedom Strategist

Helping You End Overdoing so You can do what Matters Most to You

Coaching for Overdoers

If you find yourself overcommitted, overwhelmed, and discouraged, let's transform that into living with less stress, fewer obligations & more joy.  

Purge For Peace

Join me in what might be the adventure of your lifetime. Start with the 5 Day Challenge or commit to do whatever it takes to transform your life in 12 months. 

Helping You Achieve What Matters Most

End the Cycle of Overcommitting.

Say Hello to THE NEW Happier YOU

Let's face it. You're really good at saying yes but not so good about saying no. You have taken on so many people and projects; some because you wanted to. Some from obligation. The truth is, there is NO way you can do it all. In  You have a stack a mile high of things that you'll probably never get to and you feel discouraged and unproductive. Let's change that and get you feeling more like yourself again.

Perfect for 'Overdoers' & 'People Pleasers'

My proven step-by-step process to end outdated commitments with ease

Gain self-confidence & momentum as you practice each step

Create vast open spaces to create and design the life you want

Goal Setting

We'll begin by clarifying your most important goals

Strategic Plan

We'll design a personal plan that starts right where you are


You'll be cheered on for each and every win and momenturm

Consistent Goal Achievement

We'll set new 'stretchy goals' each week that set you up to win

What Is an Achievement Coach?

While many coaches specialize in things like book writing, funnel building, or running ads, I focus on what stops you from implementing the knowledge you've gathered or doing the things you know you really want to do. I help people identify exactly what they need to release so they are free to move  onto what lights them up and gain the confidence and momentum to achieve their most important work.

Do you have a specific process?

I do. My six-step process takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching or group coaching?

Both personal and group coaching is available. If you want to move quickly and you're a self-starter, personal coaching is for you. 

Why is accountability so important?

Having taught music for nearly 30 years, I recognized that weekly lessons provide a critical component in a student's success. The student is recognized for their efforts, any goals that weren't achieved are reframed, and a new goal is given. It's no different for you, no matter what your goals are!

What do you mean by 'releasing' things?

Over our lifetime, we take on so many things that remain with us, even if they are just in our heads. We seldom are taught how to close the open loops of things we never completed, obligations we never fulfilled. These things steal our energy and our joy. It's critical we learn how to release them with personal accountability. 

What kinds of things stop us from achieving our goals?

Many things stop us from doing what matters most to us. Beliefs we have about ourselves, societal norms, always putting others first....Those stop us but also, carrying around all those 'shiny objects' that we never got to - those also stop us from achieving our goals. If we rarely accomplish what we started, how can we trust ourselves? I could go on and on!

About Me

My parents taught me to question everything, keep my commitments, and always put others first. Those precepts have served me well but I realized several years ago that I was a Rebellious People-Pleaser who NEVER gives up! 

Through personal development and my ongoing quest to live with less obligation and more freedom and joy, I've created systems to help others do what I've done - to accountably release unwanted or unnecessary commitments, promises, and agreements and live with much more freedom and greater joy. 


"Robin is an outstanding leader with exceptional skills, grace, and grit in all situations. Her ability to mediate in so many areas of life and business, with such a variety of individuals astonishes me. Robin is that rare find of someone you can always count on—someone who listens and responds with insight and integrity. Robin's the real deal. And she's a heck of a lot of fun!"

- Jo Nelsen

-"It has been a great experience working with Robin. From my own experience, I can say she is a great mentor and supporter.  One of the meaningful concepts I appreciate is Robin's accountability system. I can honestly say it is very beneficial to me; I try to apply her insights and improve my personal and business life.' -

- Kasia Haroldsen

"Working with Robin is one of the highlights of my professional life! I have been privileged to be a part of  her masterminds, one on one coaching, and workshops. Robin has a unique way to get to the heart of the matter. She has helped me to clarify my purpose, while honoring who I am and coaching me to be the best version of myself."

- Rochelle Giordano

Online Resources For You

Purging for Peace Book

There is freedom in intentionally ending things outdated or unwanted. Get the step-by-step book now. 

The Essentials of Goal Setting

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3 Week Career Workshop

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Get Clarity. Set Your Goals. Release the Unnecessary. Focus on What Matters Most.

It may be cliche, but you really do only have one life and only so much that you can get done. At some point, we realize that if we don't find a way to prioritize our goals (relationships, health, well-being, business, etc), they aren't going to get done.

When you're ready to take a real look at what you're choosing and why you can't seem to ever get to the things that are important to you, let's talk. I'll guide you to clarity. You'll set goals. I'll walk you through the steps to close open loops and release outdated commitments, promises, and agreements.  You'll notice almost immediately a shift that lightens your load and clears your head. Step up. Look out. Welcome to your new world. 

Don't Wait Any Longer. Start Your  Grand Adventure Today!

'Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.' Helen Keller