Messaging & Marketing Workshop


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Ready to be seen for who you are in the sea of piano teachers? Do you want to attract your ideal clients with compelling messages that clearly tell them what you are committed to and see for them? Perfect!

In this hands-on workshop, you'll get crystal clear about who you want to work with (down to the nitty-gritty) and what words and images will have them do a double-take. Stop getting texts, emails, and calls about what you charge and instead talk to people about what they want and what you believe is possible for them in your studio.

We meet for 90 minutes weekly (for 4 weeks) in this 'Done With You' workshop. We will cover:

  1. Revealing your ideal students/clients
  2. Discovering your messaging style
  3. Crafting compelling limbic messages that speak your ideal client's language
  4. Using Canva to create beautiful, consistently branded images
  5. Evaluating where you show up on Social Media
  6. Picking your platform and scheduling posts
  7. Engagement strategies for talking with people