Accountability Jam 90-Day Sprint (Copy)

From: $297.00 / month for 3 months

Get accountability for your 90 day sprint. Our Accountability Jam Membership will give you powerful support with:

  • Online Office Hours 3x a week (rotating schedule) where you can be seen, declare your goal and work
  • Be paired with a Pod Partner for regular check-ins
  • Get a weekly 1:1 - 10 minute check in with one of our team members

Enroll for 90 days. Start anytime!

3 Recurring Payments of $197or a one-time payment of $500. Enroll for 3 months and save $100!


The Accountability Pod (AP) Membership

  • AP Online Office Hours 2x/week
  • AP Assigned Success Partner
  • Weekly 10 minute AP check in with a trained team member
  • 90 Day Sprint-Style