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Release what Stands between You and Your Joy! July 11-17

Create more space in your life and experience more peace and joy!


When you Purge for Peace you will have the tools to

Do less and enjoy more hours in the day

Do more of what you like with the people you like

Feel more confident in your ability to achieve your goals

You can experience real peace even if you...

You feel like you can't say no to others

You're not sure you can break your habits

You're worried what others will think of you

You’ve tried advice that didn’t work

You don’t have enough time

You are skeptical

You don’t have enough energy

You’re too tired to do even one more thing

When you join us for this One-Week Purge for Peace you will...

 Stop wasting time doing things that aren't contributing to your well-being

Identify what you REALLY want your life to look like

Learn how to be a calmer, happier you - so you can respond rather than react and crush FOMO


Meet Your Coach Robin Quinn Keehn

Robin Quinn Keehn

 Robin Quinn Keehn, Author, Speaker, Coach and Creator of the Purge for Peace

Robin was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and is the daughter of an airline captain and a teacher. Her father taught her to be a ‘Possibilitarian’ and her mother taught her to be polite, say yes and to keep her promises. 
The Possibilitarian in Robin set her up for having grand adventures including traveling the world, being the first Intern at the Department of Energy (in Washington DC), and getting her Master's Degree in Public Affairs from the University of Washington during which time she interned as a lobbyist for the Associated General Contractors. After graduating, she became a transit planner and then a homeschooling mom of four children. 
After becoming a mom, she and her husband moved to a small town in the Pacific Northwest where Robin opened a music (and eventually dance) studio and created a huge, vibrant community for families. Since 1994 Robin has taught families how to raise happy, confident, and quit-proof kids. 
Robin has been involved in personal development since 2010 through Landmark Education, Integrity Seminars, and with Suzette. She loves her transformation (still and forever a Possibilitarian but no longer an overdoing people pleaser) and she loves supporting her coaching and Mastermind clients in their own transformations.  
Robin has created and facilitated The 5 Day Detox Your To-Do List Challenge and the Digital Detox Challenge on Facebook. She is most passionate about helping people actively identify and release anything that stands between them and joy.


Meet Your Coach Suzette Farah 

Suzette Farah

 Suzette Farah, Highest Self, LLC

Suzette has a lifelong wealth of experience utilizing her innate energetic awareness to support wellness and the making of profound shifts within herself and her sphere of influence. These shifts result in deep emotional health, the transmutation of trauma, illuminated relationship to process, safety, and fearless freedom.
 Suzette has made correlations between her personal experience and the ever-increasing flow of information readily available in the fields of neuroscience, metaphysics, quantum mechanics and NASA discoveries. 
Since childhood, Suzette has held the rare ability to hear frequencies, to see and feel energy in a tangible way. Over the years, she has honed these abilities and integrated them to be pragmatic for psychological, spiritual, and emotional transformation. 
Suzette’s specific perception and expertise are powerfully evident during her transformative and personalized 1:1 sessions, where she creates a deeply safe environment for transformation. Her clients experience a new awareness of Self, clarity, breakthrough, and body and soul awakening. 
All of this results in deep and lasting forward propelling peace of mind, a renewed knowledge of their personal guidance system, a healed relationship to the mysticism of the universe, and a healed intuition. 
Suzette is passionate about elevating the consciousness of humanity through creating safe containers for developing skills for connection and creating opportunities for those who are thirsting to know and release their Highest Self.



Meet Your Coach Jen Snoxell 

Jen Snoxell

Jen Snoxell, Highest Self, LLC

Jen’s degree in psychology and coaching certification provides her with the background to support mindset shifts that produce powerful transformation and deep, lasting change. She is passionate about connecting with Seekers who are yearning to experience a new kind of openness, expansion, and freedom. Jen knows what it feels like to be living a life of external success while still feeling internally malnourished. 
One of her gifts is being able to open doors into new dimensions of experience for those who are ready for MORE but don’t necessarily know what that looks like or how to get there. In working with Jen, individuals are invited to tap into their authentic expression in a dynamic way that unlocks rich inner realms of connectedness that previously felt inaccessible. 
Jen loves to teach individuals how to wield their power consciously so that they can create an inner ecosystem that supports a life of joy and fulfillment. In her coaching, Jen has the ability to facilitate profound paradigm shifts that bring about a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life. She does this by providing tools and education that feeds the mind, engages the heart, and nourishes the soul. 
While her years of study and research offer a powerful framework for all she does, Jen considers her own awakening journey to be the foundation of her work. She is passionate about sharing the insight and wisdom that she has gained through her own practice of embodiment to support others in their transformation and awakening.

What People Say about Robin's Detox Your To-Do List and Digital Detox

About the Detox Your To-Do List Challenge 

The structure and brevity of the challenge was really useful. Learning and then immediately
practicing each tip was powerful.

Dr. Mel Palomares

About the Detox Your To-Do List Challenge

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to be part or this challenge but it truly has been a
wonderful experience! I have new Ideas and solutions now to be more effective In accomplishing my
important goals. 

Kasia Haroldsen

About the Digital Detox

I’ve been struggling with everything being digital and I remembered your resources for a technology detox.  I recently did that and it helped tremendously! So I wanted to say thank you! 

Z. Crawford

FAQs about the Purge for Peace™

When is this Purge for Peace?

We start on July 11th, 2022 and wrap up on July 18th.

What is the tuition for the Purge for Peace?

This is a free event for you. 

Where is it taking place?

We will be hosting it in our new community on Mighty Networks. We'll send you the details and you can join and enjoy all we have to offer for two weeks for free. You're welcome to continue with us there if you wish for $47.99/month. 

What happens next?

No later than July 9th, you'll receive an email at the email you provide when you sign up with all the details. 

Yes, put me on the Purge for Peace™ Waiting List

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