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The Artist, The Explorer, The Hero, The Idealist, The Lover, The Rebel, The Ruler

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Parenting Archetype Styles

The Explorer Mom

The Hero Mom

The Idealist Mom

The Lover Mom

The Nurturer Mom

The Rebel Mom

The Ruler Mom

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Each of us is a blend of archetype styles, never just one. Learn about all 8 Parenting Archetype Styles in this comprehensive guide. You'll learn about each Archetype's values, important words, strengths, challenges, and opportunities in this beautiful guide. Price: $7.00

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Are you a teacher? Understanding Parenting Archetypes is valuable for you, too! 

As a teacher you typically interact with your students' parents a variety of times during the school year. If you happen to be a Simply Music Teacher who requires parents participate with their student, you talk with parents on a weekly basis. 

Sometimes when we talk to parents about their students we feel understood and that parents are receptive. At other times, we feel like we missed the mark. We can't quite put our finger on it, but we aren't connecting. 

When conversations feel a bit lacking or off, it may actually be a misunderstanding of a parent's perspective.

In my work as an early childhood music educator and Simply Music Piano Teacher for nearly 30 years, I worked with hundreds of parents. Over those years I identified patterns in parenting that I now call Parenting Archetype Styles. 

There are so many opportunities to connect with parents in ways that make sense to them when we understand their values, their challenges, and their strengths. Instead of one-size-fits-all conversations, we are able to speak in ways that resonate and enroll parents in supporting their children in their studies. 


If you'd like to learn more about the 8 Parenting Archetype Styles and the impact they have on their children in your classroom, download the Parenting Archetype Style Guide for Teachers here. 

Meet Your Teacher, Mom of Four Happy Young Adults!

Robin Quinn Keehn, Speaker, Author, and Creator of the Parenting Archetype Method™

A mom of four successful young adults and mentor to hundreds of happy families, Robin has gone from experiencing chaos and confusion to feeling confident and calm, raising kids that are thriving.

She works with moms to understand their unique parenting archetypes to help them raise confident kids. They learn to harness their parental superpowers, defuse and dismantle their inherent triggers, and to parent in alignment with who they really are. Kiss one-size-fits-all parenting advice gooooood bye!

They drop the #MomGuilt and parent with no regrets. They stop worrying about “getting it wrong” and they feel so confident and amazing that all their friends want to know their secret. 

No one can ever be the perfect parent but these moms sure come close.

One of the greatest gifts in Robin's life is being a mom to her four children and grandma to her adorable little grandson. She loves adventure, playing the piano and drums, getting on her bike, riding up mountains, and hiking along the beautiful Strait of Juan De Fuca. She also loves personal development and embraces lifelong learning. 

As a {REBEL}, Robin sees that we need to break the crusty mold of traditional parenting advice (yuck!). Her mission in the world is to help a million parents stamp out #MomGuilt by sharing the Parenting Archetype Method™ and helping parents raise confident, quit-proof kids.

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