Best Mom Ever with Daughter

Get to Know Your Parenting Style!

Ditch the one-size-fits-all parenting advice and watch your family thrive!

An online hands-on workshop to understand your unique Parenting Archetype Style™ so you can align with your inherent strengths and stop #MomGuilt in its tracks

A 2 Hour Workshop for busy moms with immediate results that will change the course of your family

Spot and defuse upsets immediately or before they even start

Parent from your unique strengths and superpowers

Enjoy feeling calmer and more confident with your kids

YOU can experience radical changes within your family, even if:

You feel like you’re struggling with parenting

Cookie-cutter parenting advice has never worked for you

You feel like your kids are out of control

You’ve tried advice that didn’t work

You don’t have enough time

You are skeptical

You don’t have enough energy

You think your kids are too young… or old!

You’re too tired to do even one more thing

Do these mom stories sound familiar?

Amy, who’d taken classes, read books, listened to podcasts and paid for programs. She felt like she had tried EVERYTHING under the sun but was still spending more of her day frustrated with her kids behavior and kept catching herself feeling angry and yelling. In our work together, she went through the Best Mom Ever! course and found unique solutions that worked for her. Now she spends her day feeling less triggered, calmer and is enjoying being a mom again.

Jessica, whose daughter was getting a bad attitude and spiraling into bad habits like talking back, slamming doors and pouting practically 24/7. Jessica caught it early and got immediate results with our program. She and her daughter are both feeling much better and enjoying a closer relationship without all the drama and bad feelings.

Mom with her children

Like Sarah, whose toddler was triggering her and making her feel like she just wasn’t cut out for parenting. She thought maybe it was too early to start and that he’d grow out of this stage but she quickly realized if she could start parenting from her unique strengths and learn how to defuse the triggers, she could be happier and feel like a better mom right NOW!

Leah, whose teenage son was driving her crazy and she wondered if she was going to survive the next few years. She felt like no matter what she said, he ended up going to his room and stayed there for hours. With no satisfying communication and the feeling he was pulling away, she went through the course and is finding new and better ways to connect with her son now.

When you join this 2 hour workshop for busy moms, you will

Stop wasting time searching for answers while your child just keeps growing up.
Identify your unique parenting strengths and learn how to use them so you can be a calmer and more confident mom.
Learn now to be the lighthouse for your family - and create a safe haven of love, compassion and positivity where your kids can grow and thrive.
End the battles around mealtimes, homework, chores, bedtime and more.

In the Parenting Archetype Workshop you'll go through these steps:

(Click on each step to learn more)

Parenting Archetype Workshop ™

Parent with confidence
End #momguilt
Raise kids that thrive

Step 1 - Discover your Unique Parenting Archetype Style

Do a deep dive under my guidance into your Parenting Archetype Style and identify your strengths, challenges and triggers.

Step 2 - Align with Your Unique Strengths

Discover, connect and align with your strengths and superpowers. Using my framework, you’ll discover how to use your strengths to bring out the best in you, your kids and your relationship with partner.

Step 3 - Identify Your Triggers

In this module you’ll find out what is triggering you. We'll dig deep and find the source. You’ll have the ability to step back and see what is happening from a new, healthier perspective. 

Step 4 - Defuse Upsets with Compassion
In this step, you’ll master the art of observing yourself, your kids, and your partner. We’ll come up with a plan to diffuse upsets before they get traction. You’ll find the sweet spots in parenting, drawing on your strengths and minimizing your triggers.
Step 5 - Engage with New Awareness

Now that you’ve identified your strengths, challenges, and triggers you’ll engage with your kids on a whole new level. I’ll give you specific tools for your archetype that maximize positive communication and behavior. You’ll find yourself immediately feeling more confident,  capable, and enjoy a calmer family.

Meet Your Teacher, Mom of Four Happy Young Adults!

Why I created Parenting Archetype Styles™

Robin Quinn Keehn, Speaker and Creator of the Parenting Archetype Method™

A mom of four successful young adults and mentor to hundreds of happy families, Robin has gone from experiencing chaos and confusion to feeling confident and calm, raising kids that are thriving.

She works with moms to understand their unique parenting archetypes to help them raise confident kids. They learn to harness their parental superpowers, defuse and dismantle their inherent triggers, and to parent in alignment with who they really are. Kiss one-size-fits-all parenting advice gooooood bye!

They drop the #MomGuilt and parent with no regrets. They stop worrying about “getting it wrong” and they feel so confident and amazing that all their friends want to know their secret 🙂 

No one can ever be the perfect parent but these moms sure come close.

One of the greatest gifts in Robin's life is being a mom to her four children and grandma to her adorable little grandson. She loves adventure, playing the piano and drums, getting on her bike, riding up mountains, and hiking along the beautiful Strait of Juan De Fuca. She also loves personal development and embraces lifelong learning. 

As a {REBEL}, Robin sees that we need to break the crusty mold of traditional parenting advice (yuck!). Her mission in the world is to help one million parents stamp out #MomGuilt by sharing the Parenting Archetype Method™ and helping parents raise confident, quit-proof kids.

No worries, the Parenting Archetypes Workshop! isn't your typical "self-study" program with heavy content and  long coaching calls!

  #1 - I know you don't want to spend hours trying to slog through a bunch of information so in just 2 hours, you'll be equipped with new realizations and practical steps to feel confident in your parenting. 

#2 - You're an important woman; a mom with a precious family to raise. You've prioritized your family and Robin's prioritizing YOU! She's looking forward to getting to know you & support you via a private 30 minute call with you.  

#3 - Imagine having friends who are committed to being the best mom ever and are doing the work, just like you. Our 'Best Mom Ever Club' is a private Facebook Community* with Robin, her team and all the moms committed to growing kids that thrive and enjoying all the benefits of a more peaceful home. *No mean girls allowed. 

Robin made it so easy to get going with her.

"Robin made it so easy to get going with her. I'm so glad I didn't wait because I started feeling so much better about the job I'm doing as a mom almost immediately"

Rebecca M.

Robin makes this very doable.

"Robin makes this very doable. I knew exactly where to start and what to do and started feeling back in control & confident in just a few days."

Linda A.

I wanted to do this course but I wondered how I’d get my spouse on board.

"I wanted to do this workshop but I wondered how I’d get my spouse on board. I found out I didn’t have to! I jumped in, went through the steps and it worked. A few weeks later, he asked me why I was so much calmer with the kids and now he wants to take the workshop now, too!"

Alicia K.

Ready to join me in the Parenting Archetype Style Workshop?  Enroll Today!

An online, done-with-you workshop to connect you with your unique Parenting Archetype Style™ so that you can align with your inherent strengths and stop #MomGuilt in its tracks

    BONUS #1 A private 30-minute call with Robin after the workshop to get your questions answered. (Value $125)

          BONUS #2: An invitation to the private Facebook group for moms who have taken the quiz and are learning about their parenting styles. 

Workshop Pricing

One time payment of 

$ 47


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FAQs about the Parenting Archetype Workshop

When is this workshop?

The workshop happens on Saturday, May 21st from 9-11 am Pacific on Zoom. 

What if I can't participate the whole time?

The workshop will be recorded and after the workshop you'll receive the recording and the handouts. You'll also be sent a lnk to schedule your free 30 minute call with me. 

Do you offer something more than the workshop?

Yes! I do personal coaching with moms. 

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