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Now that you've got the tools to Purge For Peace, let's build on them in CALM Club. Together we'll make our new habits and mindset stick!  💛


Connection | Accountability | Love | Mentorship

In CALM Club You'll...

Get crystal clear on what matters the most to you so you know when to say yes to opportunities that align with them (and no thank you to anything that doesn't).

Receive mentoring from Robin who walks her talk and says no with grace and ease to things that no longer make sense or have a place in her life (the things that aren't aligned with her values).

Be supported by a group of highly capable women who, like you, are working on ending overwhelm, stress, and fatigue that come from overgiving, overdoing, and being the go-to person who does it all for everyone.

Get proven tools that hold you steady as you make changes including twice-monthly group coaching with Robin and a weekly Accountability Check-In, where you receive acknowledgment & appreciation for your wins and set clear goals.


We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 12-1 pm Pacific for Group Coaching.

We meet weekly on Mondays for Accountability Check-Ins (drop in and go) between 11 am-noon Pacific.

Based on demand, once-a-month EVENING group coaching will be scheduled in 2023.

VALUE $197/month

NEW OFFER $1.00 for your first month!

After your $1.00 trial, continue at a special savings of 50% off. Just $97/month. Cancel any time.



VALUE $197. Special $1.00 Trial Offer. Renews in 30 days at $97/month (50% off). Cancel Anytime.

Get CALM Club and End Overwhelm For Good