Powerful, committed support comes through Masterminds

If you're ready to kick indecision & procrastination to the curb, we'll help you get it done - from writing your book to launching a business - from planning your future to that trip of a lifetime. Being part of an intimate group of like-minded people will put you on the fast track to finishing strong. 

The Alchemy of Masterminds

Like-Minded People

Each member is carefully selected & brings unique gifts & resources to share.

Brilliance in the Room

Magic happens when 8 people surround you with committed support.

Skillful Facilitation

Skillful, no-nonsense facilitation supports the group in staying on track & reaching goals. 

A mastermind group is only as effective as the strength of these 3 elements:

The StructureWithout a strong structure mastermind groups tend to devolve into social gatherings or simply fade away. The structure ensures equal contribution & participation as well as maximum efficiency & effectiveness.

The CommitmentThe group must take priority in your life or you may as well not bother. Make this a priority & your life can literally transform. It's easy to let this, like other commitments in our life, slide - with the same undesirable consequences: reduced trust in self & others, fewer results & progress on goals that are important to you & far less proactive support for your dreams.

The PeopleThe synergy created between like-minded people who are committed to growing & developing for themselves & bothers can be a catalyst that take each person to a new level of understanding and achievement. Different perspectives can also ensure that people are seeing all sides of the equation.

How to Get Started in a Mastermind Group

If you're ready to receive the uncommon support & unprecedented results of a Mastermind, here are your next steps.

Step 1 - Are You Ready?

Being in a Mastermind requires commitment. It's for you if you're ready to get into action & move forward with a well defined goal, either personal or professional.

Step 2 - Define Your Ideal Outcome

It's very helpful to get clear on what you want to accomplish during the 12 months we're together. Write down the transformation you want - how will you be different when you get what you want?

Step 3 - Schedule a Call

Mastermind members are thoughtfully and carefully selected. The first step is to schedule a Discovery Call so we can get to know each other a bit. Ask questions, get answers & find out if this is your time to move forward. 

Step 4 - Apply & Enroll

After our call, you'll be invited to fill out an application. We'll jump on one more call, talk & connect you to just the right mastermind group to provide you with EPIC support. 

We offer two levels of Mastermind.

Find out which Mastermind is best for you. Schedule your free Discovery today.

Less shame. More joy.

Remember, the greater the investment of time and/or money, the greater the commitment & better the outcome. Your application will be reviewed. If we think you're a great candidate for working with us in a high level mastermind, we'll schedule a call with you.

Masterminds are for solopreneurs, artists, entrepreneurs, empty nesters, musicians, people in technology, retirees, students. They're for anyone who is ready and committed to getting greater results.


I don't even want to try to imagine where I would be if I hadn't joined Robin's mastermind group 3 years ago.

The longer I participate, the move valuable it becomes. My confidence as a teacher is at a completely different level thanks to my mastermind group.

Robin is a consummate group leader. While our focus is on professional growth, there is a deep understanding that personal and professional are inextricably linked and group members are free to bring any topic to the group. 


Amy R. Levine
Teacher - Simply Music

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