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Stuck in a cycle of starting new projects and never finishing them?

When you overcommit & constantly quit things that actually aren't aligned with your purpose & goals, you’re actually stealing time and energy from yourself.

Enter The CLEPTO Code, a simple 6-step process to help overcommitted entrepreneurs like you end the wrong commitments without guilt and finish the right ones.

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Because You're Ready to Get the Most Important Things Done

Get Clarity

Get clear on what you really want both personally & professionally.

Quit without Guilt

Not all commitments are the right ones. End them with ease.

Move into Action

Finish the right things & build confidence. Enjoy a happier and more successful you!

Meet Your Maestro

Hi, I'm Robin and I'm committed to ending the cycle of starting and quitting. This cycle starts with saying YES to things that don't work and eventually quitting, usually by default. These unintended quits leave us feeling guilty, ashamed and embarrassed. Too many can lead to isolation and depression.

Over the years coaching entrepreneurs including Jay Fiset’s LEAD Mastermind members, and working with parents & children in my music & dance academy, I constantly encountered the cycle of overcommitting & quitting that was holding them back from reaching their personal and professional goals by chipping away at their confidence and self-esteem.

I've discovered a way to align with the right commitments, gracefully and intentionally quit the wrong ones, and experience greater happiness, freedom and success in every part of life.

I want to share my process with you. Now it's your turn to break free of habitual quitting, commit to what matters and get your time, energy & life back!

Robin Quinn Keehn

Praise and Love for Robin

"Robin is an amazing coach. She is a master teacher with a supportive and encouraging personality and energy that feeds my confidence".

Christa Sigman

"As the Senior Coach for my LEAD Mastermind members, Robin’s genius was helping clients get clear & identify their next best step. She was unwavering in providing support and accountability. I highly recommend her, she puts her ALL in everything she does! "  

Jay Fiset


"Robin moderates our sessions with a blend of compassion, incisiveness and directness that brings out the best of us and is a pleasure to work with."

John & Evan Hunter

Break Free from the Guilt of Overcommitting & Quitting

In less than 2 hours, you can have a productive, happier and freer life! 

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