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Release the feeling of being overwhelmed in just 8 minutes
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Use this 8-minute guided practice to help you release the feelings of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. 

Notice Where Overwhelm Lives in Your Body and Relax it

Recognize and Release Judgement of Self and Others

Gently Find Your Way to Feeling Neutral, Calm and Peaceful

In this FREE Calm 8 Bundle You Will


✔  Discover how to gently return from overwhelmed to calm and neutral in just a few minutes

✔  Identify the judgment you may have for yourself about your overwhelm

✔  Powerfully and intentionally release your judgment so that you stop feeling guilty about overwhelm

✔  Recognize the mindset that can naturally lead to feeling overwhelmed so that you shift your perspective to a healthier one

✔  Learn how to identify the feelings beneath your overwhelm such as pressure, stress, time scarcity, and more so you know what's really impacting you

✔  Have the tools to get out of feeling overwhelmed anytime you want to

✔  Feel calmer and ready to move forward with the rest of your day

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Yesterday I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. I listened to your guided practice (CALM 8). It was great and I felt like you really understood me. It was so useful and struck the right chord.

Rochelle Giordano

Music Studio Owner, Playing for Keeps Piano

Meet Your Biggest Supporter, Robin Quinn Keehn

Recovered Overdoer, People-Pleaser & Never-Quitter

Winners are Quitters!



Robin Quinn Keehn is a recovering overdoer. For over 25 years, she was the owner of a music and dance studio, as well as a professional musician and piano teacher. She has four adult kids and one grandchild, and is always on the go.

In 2016, Robin was coaching dozens of clients on a weekly basis. Realizing it wasn't sustainable, she discovered the power of mastermind groups. She launched Ideal Studio Mastery Mastermind for Simply Music Piano Teachers from around the world. 

At about the same time she realized that ongoing personal development is essential to living a joyful life.  One of the biggest takeaways from her personal development journey is that it's better to intentionally end outdated and expired things than to just slip away (thus, Quitting Culture!). 

Since then, she has started several new businesses and become a public speaker, podcaster, and intuitive business & personal coach.

Robin is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams. She believes that everyone has the potential for greatness- they just need someone to help them find it!


Release the feeling of being overwhelmed in just 8 minutes.
Reclaim Calm Now

Your Information is 100% Secure. Read Privacy Policy.

In this free Audio and PDF Bundle, CALM 8,  You Will:

✔  Softly focus on the feelings of overwhelm and gently release them 

✔  Forgive yourself for any blame you feel about how or why you became overwhelmed

✔  In a matter of minutes feel refreshed, grounded, and ready for whatever is next

✔  Use the PDF to remind yourself of the steps to move out of overwhelm when you only have a minute 


You will receive...

Downloadable 8-minute guided practice (CALM 8) Audio (MP.3)

Downloadable Bonus 5-minute guided practice (CALM 5) if you prefer to start with a shorter version (this is a 5-minute guided practice + an additional 3 minutes of music only)

Downloadable PDF: The 'Steps to Neutralizing Feelings of Overwhelm'.  Keep this handy for when you need a quick reminder

Your Information is 100% Secure. Read Privacy Policy.

'Robin is a great mentor and supporter'

"It has been a great experience working with Robin. She is a great mentor and supporter. There were a lot of valuable lessons I learned from Robin. I appreciate is Robin's accountability check-ins. I can honestly say it is very beneficial to me for achieving my goals". 

Kasia H.

"Robin's the 'Real Deal'

"Robin is an outstanding leader with exceptional skills, grace and grit in all situations. Her ability to mediate in so many areas of life and business, with such a variety of individuals astonishes me. Robin is that rare find of someone you can always count on—someone who  listens and responds with insight and integrity. Robin's the real deal. And she's a heck of a lot of fun!"
Jo N.

'Robin makes you feel safe, encourages you to grow and always sees the best in you'

"I've worked with Robin for years on different projects, personal and businesses. Robin immediately makes you feel comfortable and heard. She is incredibly wise, insightful, and intuitive.  She is a gem!"

Jeremiah D.

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