Embrace Your Unique Parenting Archetype Style

3 Secrets for Ditching #MomGuilt, Defusing Frustrating Situations and enjoying a Calmer Family

A valuable 25 Minute mini-training for busy moms to connect with their parenting strengths so their family thrives!

Experience this Free 25 Minute Mini-Training to Discover the Secrets of Your Unique Parenting Archetype Style

Presenter : Robin Quinn Keehn #DitchMomGuilt
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join this free mini-training for moms and you’ll discover:

How your Parenting Archetype (parenting style) is impacting you and your family

How to identify your patterns and triggers that create frustration for you, your kids and your partner

How to end explosive situations that cause #MomGuilt before they happen

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  Love From Happy Moms  

‘Robin made it so easy to get going with her. I’m so glad I didn’t wait because I started feeling better about the job I’m doing as a mom almost immediately!’

Rebecca C.

I’ve read a lot of books and tried a few parenting programs but nothing really worked for me. Robin’s approach is clear and makes so much sense. I finally understand why the other advice was so confusing and why the Best Mom Ever! Course works!’

Stacy D.

In this free value packed mini-training “3 Secrets for Eliminating #MomGuilt, Defusing Frustrating Situations and Enjoying a More Peaceful Home”, you’ll:

Become equipped to stop upsets in their tracks

Create a more peaceful home where everyone wants to gather

Discover a sense of inner calm and have more compassion for yourself and your kids

Uncover your hidden superpowers and parent from a place of strength

Manage your triggers, stop reacting and start relaxing

See your children’s needs in a new light so you can respond and not react

Silence the voices that keep saying “you’re not doing it right”

Stop wasting time with cookie cutter parenting advice

And much much more!

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Mom with her children

When you attend this mini-training you will receive this free gift:

Gift#1: Uncover Your Uniqueness with the Parenting Archetype Quiz!

Join this Mini-training and claim your free gift!

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Meet Your Teacher, Mom of Four Happy Young Adults!

Robin Quinn Keehn, Speaker, Author, and Creator of the Parenting Archetype Method™

A mom of four successful young adults and mentor to hundreds of happy families, Robin has gone from experiencing chaos and confusion to feeling confident and calm, raising kids that are thriving.

She works with moms to understand their unique parenting archetypes to help them raise confident kids. They learn to harness their parental superpowers, defuse and dismantle their inherent triggers, and to parent in alignment with who they really are. Kiss one-size-fits-all parenting advice gooooood bye!

They drop the #MomGuilt and parent with no regrets. They stop worrying about “getting it wrong” and they feel so confident and amazing that all their friends want to know their secret. 

No one can ever be the perfect parent but these moms sure come close.

One of the greatest gifts in Robin's life is being a mom to her four children and grandma to her adorable little grandson. She loves adventure, playing the piano and drums, getting on her bike, riding up mountains, and hiking along the beautiful Strait of Juan De Fuca. She also loves personal development and embraces lifelong learning. 

As a {REBEL}, Robin sees that we need to break the crusty mold of traditional parenting advice (yuck!). Her mission in the world is to help a million parents stamp out #MomGuilt by sharing the Parenting Archetype Method™ and helping parents raise confident, quit-proof kids.

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  Love From Happy Moms  

‘I was at my wit’s end with my kids and wondered if I’d ever be able to get them back in control. When I followed Robin’s system, the lightbulb went on! My kids have stopped fighting with me over everything and we’re a much happier family now.’

Elena V.

‘As a single mom, I don’t have much support. I was worried that I couldn’t do this alone. But now I understand that I don’t need anyone else to help me make things work with my kids. I’m capable and it’s really up to me. It’s been empowering!’

Mary M.

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