Is your use of tech (or your kid's) out of control?

Do you have a love/hate/guilt relationship with your phone? You love the convenience of it and can't do life without it but....sometimes you resent it because you're never completely alone (always reachable, constantly interrupted...).

Maybe you even have some guilty feelings because you're on it when you 'should' be with your child - listening to them, asking them about their day, paying attention when they're doing homework, practicing piano, scoring a goal, or getting dressed for the prom. 


You can get a handle on tech now & ditch the #MomGuilt

The reality is that tech is here to stay. The question is how can you get back into a healthy balance for both you and  your kids. 

I'm going to show you what's worked for me and for hundreds of moms just like you. The 5 Day Digital Detox is made exactly for busy moms. It's short, sweet and to the point. 

In just 5 steps that will take you minutes *not hours* a day, you can get do a tech 'reset'.  

In less than 9 minutes a day  you'll get back in control. You'll regain the time & energy taken up by your phone AND you'll help your kids be kids again....engaging with you & their friends, playing more, and being generally happier.   

When you sign up, you'll be invited to join my Facebook Group, 'Ditch Mom Guilt' and I'll send you an email with the details. 

You'll Get...

A clear process, my support, & you'll ditch #MomGuilt, too!  

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