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 Hundreds of Women Have Tamed their To-Do List with my

Detox Your To-Do List Program

Get Your Sanity Back

If You're an Action-Taking Woman who has a Hard Time Saying No, Getting Everything Done, or Letting Things Go, This is For You! 

Even if you've tried before but your list is still daunting.

DETOX YOUR TO-DO LIST is for action-oriented women who are on the go, doing all the things, and have a To-Do List that feels heavy. Crushing. Overwhelming. Soul-sucking. 

Women who get up ready to tackle the day but take one look at their list and feel exhausted & discouraged by all the things that spilled over from the day before. 

Women who would love to actually finish the list for a change and start fresh tomorrow instead of feeling like it’s Groundhog Day, with the same to-do’s showing up again and again.

The truth is:

Most of us want to do it all.

We say yes to almost everything because it feels impossible not to.

We don’t want to disappoint anyone or make them unhappy.

We have a ‘can-do’ attitude but that means our list is l-o-o-o-n-g. So long!

You’ve tried to tackle your list but there’s always something more to do. You feel overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated.

But it’s not your fault...I know you've tried.

As much as you want to get your list handled, the truth is you're only human with a limited number of hours in the day.  Your list will never get shorter if you don’t know how.

You tell yourself that you can’t possibly say no to friends or family who need you. You keep adding to your list and move your personal items to the end of the list.

You try to check off all the boxes but you're distracted and interrupted all day long. The list only grows. 

You tell yourself that you’ll find the time to get to all those things on your list but the only way to do that is either to work on the weekend or take things YOU want to do off the list for good.

And what’s worse is…

If If you don’t solve the problem now, you're on the road to burnout and/or resentment or worse. 

You know the saying, ‘Ask a busy person if you want to get something done?’ People ask you because they know you will jump in and help. They know you’ll say yes.

There will always be things to do. There will always be opportunities. Wisdom is knowing which ones are for you and being able to say no to the others. 

Robin Quinn Keehn

That’s why I created Detox Your To-Do List for Action-Oriented Women who love to say yes but who are overwhelmed by their obligations and rarely have a moment to spare (or a minute to themselves). 

Women who are DONE

❌  feeling frustrated and annoyed that their life sometimes seems like a hamster wheel

❌  with never getting to the bottom of the list (where the things they want to do live).

❌  ending the day knowing the same To-Do List will be waiting for them in the morning

Women who are READY to

✅  feel confident, accomplished, and complete at the end of the day

✅  have a clear vision of what they want and prioritize it

  feel like their To-Do List reflects their values & what's most important to them


Give me an hour of your time and I'll give you back your sanity. 

TODAY ONLY $77 $27

Detox Your To-Do List and Get HOURS Back in Your Week. 

Make Your To-Do List Your GET-TO-DO List! 

Robin Quinn Keehn


Be in control of your day and be able to focus - and stay focused, on what matters most to you

Have a step-by-step repeatable plan that shows you how to tame your list anytime it starts to feel unmanageable

Not feel like each day is Groundhog Day - with a to-do list a mile long that somehow never gets done because you're constantly interrupted & disctracted. You end the day wondering where the time went....

Feel confident that you can keep your word and finish what’s on your list in a way that feels easy and works for you.

It would completely change your life...

Detox Your To-Do List was first released as a 5-Day Challenge on Facebook and the testimonials you see here are from the Challenge.

It's now available here in 'course' form!


You've tried to say no to people but you really love helping wherever you can.

You feel discouraged because no matter what you plan to accomplish on any given day, you rarely get it done because your list is endless.

You've made excuses about why you can’t get to your list. You’ve blamed yourself. You may have blamed others.

You tried to manage your list before by using methods, timers and planners but doing all the steps takes time to learn and brain space you just don't have.

Some days you're tempted to ignore your list altogether....



Having a list that you wake up and feel good about. Maybe even excited about. A list that reflects your priorities. 

Ending your day feeling great because you got the most important things done.

Feeling confident you have the right things on your list and nothing that is extra or unnecessary.

Knowing you'll be able to get your list back in control anytime it starts to feel overwhelming.

Feeling in charge of your days again. Calling the shots and actively choosing how you spend your time. No longer living in a state of reacting to the latest request or being pulled away from doing what matters most to you.


Give me an hour of your time & I'll give you back your sanity. 


You’re going to get clear on what you have on your lists - all the things you’ve said yes to.

We’ll dive into:

✓   How to break down your lists by life area so you have a realistic picture of your commitments and obligations

✓   How to identify 'open loops' from the past that still take up precious brain-space 


You’ll learn how to look at your lists with a critical eye.

We’ll dive into:

✓   How to sort your lists into specific categories

✓  How to evaluate each item on your lists


You’ll learn how to put an end to things that you don’t want to do or know you won’t do.

We’ll dive into:

✓   How to let yourself off the hook for things you’re taking off your list

✓   How to develop a habit of being kind to yourself instead of judging yourself


You’ll learn how to talk to other people about things that you have decided are coming off your list.

We’ll dive into:

✓   How to craft honest and direct conversations with others

✓   How to prepare yourself for those conversations

✓   Exactly what you can say to create a win-win


You’ll learn how to look at your daily activities in a new way, so you can choose how you want to spend your time. We'll also dig into reframing the relationship you have with your list so you can feel peaceful & even joyful about what's on your list.

We’ll dive into:

✓   How to connect into your big 'Why This Matters'  so you can decide how to answer the question, ‘Can you do this for me?’

✓  How to keep your list clean

✓   How to tame your list anytime it starts to get overwhelming again.


To support you in Winning Back Hours in your week, your TO-DO LIST Detox also includes the following:


📝 The Detox Your To-Do List Workbook & Journal - Value $25

Are you a note taker or want to stay organized while you tame your To-Do List? Use this workbook designed especially for you! Do the work here and journal about your progress, too.


💡Signs It's Time To Quit - Quick Reference - Value $10

Here's a PDF that you can print out and keep nearby anytime you start to feel tempted to say yes or start wondering if it's time to let something go....


  🗒 Your very own 'Get-To-Do' printable List -Value $15

This is a sweet, printable Get-To-Do list and gratitude tracker to replace your worn-out To-Do List and keep you feeling good about your progress and momentum. 


A 30-Minute Call with Robin

Get help with any step of Detoxing Your To-Do List. From reframing your mindset to sorting your list, Robin will spend 30 minutes with you to remove the roadblocks.  Value $97

One Month of CALM Club 🌼 Coaching 

Now that your list is tamed, let's keep it that way! Join Robin weekly in her CALM Club to stay on track with your GET-TO-DO List. Value $197

Connection | Accountability | Love | Mentorship


Total value of $421


A Note from Robin


   I know how hard it can be to take the first step. That's why I designed Detox Your To-Do List to be short, sweet, and life-changing.

  •  -  There are no big leaps.

  •  -  There are no long videos or books to read.

    There are just 5 simple steps that add up to big results in just a few days.

  In the end, you'll feel better.

  The overwhelm will be over.

  Waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the things you didn't do will be a thing of the past.

  The guilt will drop away.

  You'll begin to see your progress and feel grateful for your accomplishments.

  You may even see some of the things YOU want to do rising to the TOP of your new Get-To-Do List.

  I hope you'll do this with me. It's been a game changer and a life changer for me and so many other amazing women that I think

  the world of.

  Brilliant women. Strong women. Action-Oriented women, all who deserve to have a to-do list that helps them, not hinders them.

  This is a special offer that may just be the answer you've been looking for. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.



Robin Quinn Keehn



I don't just I teach people how to 'do less and achieve more' ; I actually do it. I use my own To-Do List Detox anytime my list feels like its growing into something unmanageable. This isn’t a repeat of anyone else’s program and it’s not going to take you hours of studying to figure it out. I like things short and to the point. This is. 


I'm not JUST a coach with no experience in this area.  I've been working in the area of Goal Achievement for 30 years and I've been coaching people to achieve their goals in music, fitness, parenting, and business...I’m also a recovered OVERDOER and People Pleaser (and supermom). I GET IT.


I've helped my clients end the crushing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and frustration that come from having an endless To-Do List.  I've helped them get real & honest, get focused, and shift their mindset about what’s on their list to a much better place.

Immediately Out of Overwhelm!

"I was feeling really overwhelmed by my To-Do List. It was heavy and punishing. I was waking up at night thinking of the things I didn't get done. I did the 5 Day Detox Your T0-Do List and immediately felt better. 

Jack P.

This Is Right For You If...

✅ You're ready to let some things go and not be so busy and get at least 10 hours back in your week

✅ You're willing to get very honest with yourself about all those things on your list

✅ You're ready to focus on doing what matters most to YOU

✅ You're ready to say no to things that aren't aligned with who you are or what you want to do


I’m a woman in business with kids and many obligations just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that DETOX YOUR TO-DO LIST will work for you, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the product.

Of course, If you’re not happy with Detox Your To-Do List, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.


What’s standing in the way of you finally getting your to-do list from running your life and transform it into your GET-TO-DO List? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have much time to do this?

The whole point of this is to GET your time back. I promise this won't take much time at all. There are 5 videos, each less than 10 minutes long. Watch one and then take the step. It's quick and will be well worth the time.

When do I get access to the The Detox Your To-Do List Program?

You will receive an email in just a few minutes, giving you the link to access the Detox Your To-Do List. If for some reason you don't review it, check your spam folder, or contact me at

What if I just can't do it on my own?

I designed Detox Your To-Do List so you can succeed on your own. AND, the great news is you're NOT on your own. You'll be getting a 30-minute one-on-one call with me (at your convenience) and you're also getting ONE MONTH in CALM Club. You'll be able to connect with me up to six times in the next month and get tremendous support with your To-Do List. 

What if I decide this isn't for me?

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days days of purchase. No worries.