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If you're ready to finally let go of all the things that exhaust you, deflate you, or even defeat you, it's better to do it with support. Building new habits that support and lift you is easier when you have a trusted group of like-minded people around you. Join CALM Club today and enjoy the connection, accountability, love & mentorship that's here for you.  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: CALM Club is currently paused. If you'd like to find out when we start again, please reach out to


What would support & mentorship mean to you?

When it's time to make changes, doing it alone can be lonely. Especially when our whole lives we've been told that 'Winners never Quit and Quitters Never Win'. 

We've believed for so long that we need to say yes to family, friends, our community, our places of worship....and we love to say yes! We're capable and multi-talented and we get things done! 

But there comes a point where our to-do list becomes unworkable. Unsustainable. Where pleasing everyone feels like a job and the joy goes out of it.

If you've reached that place, it's okay. In fact, it's great. You have arrived at the 'age of reason'! Okay - well, something like that.


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Now that you're ready to look at things from a new perspective, I'd love to help and provide a safe haven where you're free to be authentic and real about letting go of outdated stories and beliefs about doing-it-all-for-everyone-all-the-time.

Calm Club is for women who are exploring doing what aligns with their values. Women who are aware that some things need to end in order to focus on what matters most. And, women who know that having a supportive group and accountability will help them stay strong in their new resolve when they feel tempted to go back to their comfort zone.

When You Join Calm Club You'll

             Get mentorship, tips and tools to get your time, energy, and focus back.

Connect to other strong and capable women who are also learning to say no thank you to overdoing, people pleasing, and other people's requests.

Learn how to say no to unaligned opportunities and how to end outdated and expired obligations with grace and ease.

Weekly Accountability Check-Ins support you every step of the way (and make sure you stay on track).


Meet Your Biggest Supporter, Robin Quinn Keehn

Recovered Overdoer, People-Pleaser & Never-Quitter

Winners are Quitters!

As a mom of four kids and a grandson, and a music & dance studio owner and teacher for more than 25 years, I'm no stranger to overdoing, people-pleasing, and exhaustion.

I grew up with the belief that I could NEVER quit because 'Quitters Never Win'. My parents taught me well (they really did).

The problem was that I never quit anything. And, being a productive, capable woman, I took on just about anything that was asked of me or offered to me.

But I stayed with things way beyond what was healthy. I stayed in unhealthy friendships, and relationships (business & other). I had never learned how to release them.

It took some big events for me to realize that WINNERS QUIT. They quit all the time! It's impossible to move through life without quitting. The key is to do it intentionally, with personal responsibility and integrity.

The shame around quitting is terrible. The things we tell ourselves about quitting are punishing and it doesn't have to be that way.

Come into Calm Club and I'll lovingly show you how to end things gently. I'll mentor you through letting go of things that don't align and gently guide you to live with more freedom and joy.

Let me be an unwavering stand for you. 

How Calm Club Works

CALM Club is a monthly group coaching & accountability membership.

Group Coaching is tailored to YOU.


Bring your questions for Robin or send them in and Robin will answer them even if you can't make it.

All calls are recorded and shared with group members.


Drop in once per week for our Group Accountability Check-Ins.


Take 3-5 minutes to share your wins for the week with Robin & the group and declare your three goals for the week ahead.

Stay for the full hour and give and receive encouragement or drop in, share, and leave when you're ready.


Calls take place on Zoom. Beginning in January, 2023 we meet the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month from Noon-1 pm Pacific for Group Coaching.


Accountability Check-Ins happen every Monday from 11-12 am Pacific. This is a drop in call - you don't need to stay for the hour unless you want to.

What You Get:

Twice-Monthly LIVE Group Coaching (also recorded) on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday from 12-1 pm Pacific. 

Weekly LIVE Group Accountability Calls Mondays between 11-12 noon Pacific.  (on Zoom with Robin)

'Robin is a great mentor and supporter'

"It has been a great experience working with Robin. She is a great mentor and supporter. There were a lot of valuable lessons I learned from Robin. I appreciate is Robin's accountability check-ins. I can honestly say it is very beneficial to me for achieving my goals". 

Kasia Haroldsen

"Robin's the 'Real Deal'

"Robin is an outstanding leader with exceptional skills, grace and grit in all situations. Her ability to mediate in so many areas of life and business, with such a variety of individuals astonishes me. Robin is that rare find of someone you can always count on—someone who  listens and responds with insight and integrity. Robin's the real deal. And she's a heck of a lot of fun!"

Jo Nelsen

'Robin makes you feel safe, encourages you to grow and always sees the best in you'

"I've worked with Robin for years on different projects, personal and businesses. Robin immediately makes you feel comfortable and heard. She is incredibly wise, insightful, and intuitive.  She is a gem!"

Jeremiah Duarte Bills

FAQs about Calm Club

How often are the calls?

We meet twice a month for Group Coaching & Mentorship and weekly for group Accountability Check-Ins. All calls are 55 minutes long, recorded, and shared with CALM members.

When do we meet?

CALM Club is currently NOT taking new members. To find out when CALM Club is open again, please email and we'll add you to the wait list. 

CALM Club Group Coaching & Mentorship calls are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 12-1 pm Pacific.

Weekly Accountability Check-In calls are held weekly on Mondays from 11-noon Pacific. All calls are recorded and shared with members.

Can I start in January?

We're meeting in November and December 2022 but if you'd like to start in January, go ahead and sign up and then email me and let me know you want to start then. To receive the special rate, you must begin no later than January, 2023. 

What if I can't make all the calls?
I understand that making all the calls may be challenging. To clarify, if you can't make a Group Coaching & Mentoring call, you'll have a form you can send to Robin with your questions ahead of the call. Robin will answer your questions on the call and you'll get the recording.

The Accountability Calls are drop-in! You can drop in any time during the hour, share your wins and declare your goals, and go! Or, you can stay and enjoy hearing from each member and make some connections. Again, you can submit a form to Robin with your wins & goals if you can't make it.

All calls are recorded and will be sent to you just a few hours after the calls.


Tell me more about Accountability Check-Ins
Did you ever take music lessons or take your kids to lessons? Typically, your teacher asks how your week went and how your projects went. She/he congratulates you on your effort, teaches you the next step, and sends you on your way. The next week, you show up, receive acknowledgment, and get your next steps.

Accountability Check-Ins are a lot like that! You show up with your wins from the week (I can help you with that), and then set your three goals. We'll remove any roadblocks and off you go!

Did you know that when you have a scheduled accountability check-in and show up for it you have a 95% chance of achieving your goals? BOOM! It's almost like magic!

Is this a Program?
This is a monthly membership that gives you access to group coaching, mentorship, and accountability with Robin. You can stay for as long as you like. As a CALM Club member, you'll receive special offers from Robin on everything she does....and she'll take excellent care of you!
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