Enjoy your CALM 8 Bundle to Neutralize Overwhelm and Reclaim Calm

I invite you to check out the Purge For Peace Course to help you truly put an end to feeling overwhelmed and stressed and reclaim your peace & joy.

The Purge For Peace Course will help you systematically identify and end commitments, activities, habits, and relationships that are no longer serving you. You'll get hours back in your week, feel less stressed, and have more peace and joy on a daily basis. 

Purge For Peace was written by me after I received a clear message during a walk on the beach on the Oregon Coast. I heard, "If you don't bring me peace, you don't get a place at my table." That very day I began what's become a lifelong quest of looking at everything and everyone that I've invited to 'my table' and asked, 'Do you bring me peace?'

Now, I'm sharing my process with you so you can gently evaluate who and what is at your table and free up room for what matters most to you. 

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Purge For Peace - Find Inner Peace in Any Circumstance

In this online course, you'll be guided through a process of identifying and evaluating all of the things in your life that either bring you peace -or don't.

From emails and apps to people and obligations, you'll sort them and decide what stays and what needs to go so that you can find more peacefulness and joy in your daily life.

We'll clear the mental and emotional clutter. Your stress and anxiety will diminish.

You'll get hours back in your week. You'll be able to focus on what matters most to you.


Your Information is 100% Secure. Read Privacy Policy.