90 Day Business & Tech Support Mastermind

Cut through the clutter, get uncompromising support and grow your business online!

Strategy + Tech Implementation= RESULTS!

Do you have something important to achieve?

Are you ready to stop compromising your business dreams?

Ready to scale your business online? Make a bigger impact? Grow your income?

Have you been promised 'Explosive Growth' before only to find out that connecting all the dots between technology and your plan is really difficult? Has the actual implementation of technology slowed or even stopped you in your tracks? 

Did you know...

....When you combine business strategy, tech implementation & accountability, in a dynamic & supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, you will achieve your most important goals. 



No Surprises

I know how it feels to be promised a silver bullet software solution that's supposed to fix all my tech problems, only to find that it's up to me to implement it - and to do that would require huge resources of time, energy and/or cash (not to mention the frustration). 

My Own Team of Experts

I'm bringing in my own experts to personally support you with the technology necessary to get your offer to market. They have implemented 6 figure programs that have been recognized by Ryan Levesque and Jeff Walker. 



I want you to have the impact and the results in your business that you've been dreaming of. That's why I've meticulously designed this Business Strategy Mastermind to fully support you every step of the way in achieving your most important business goals. 

My Team Will Actually Build and Implement the Pieces You Need to get Your Offer to Your Ideal Clients!


Scroll down to see all the amazing things we're going to do with and FOR you!

So, where do you start?

It's simple.

  • Schedule your 30-Minute Interview to ensure you're a good fit
  • Get clear what you can expect
  • Enroll and get into action! 

Get the business tools, tech support and 1:1 accountability you need to finish what matters most!

My tech support team will  implement to accomplish what's been holding you back. From your landing page to your email sequence...from your sales page to collecting payments. We've got you covered.  

Sprint for 90 days & marvel at the trackable PROGRESS you make on your specific, strategic goals through your focused effort and our uncompromising commitment to you.

B-weekly Masterminds focus on business strategy with me & specific guidance from the tech team. Each meeting will include opportunities to brainstorm offers and give & receive support.  

The Tools

Weekly Accountability

Weekly 8-minute Accountability Check-Ins to keep you on track while you sprint to the finish line! Declare your wins, remove obstacles & set your action steps for the week.  We know that when you have a scheduled accountability appointment, your chances of achieving your goals increases to 95%! 


Tech Support

Each week you'll have access to a 60 minute group call with the Tech Team where, WITH THE TEAM's direction you'll create your landing page, design a follow-up sequence to connect with and close prospects & leads, learn how to access and read important analytics & data from your landing page, and set up your 'one-pager' sales page. Don't worry - our tech team will do ALL the implementation!  


The bi-weekly Mastermind will give you a supportive community of brilliant people to sprint alongside of. Each time we meet you'll check in, get relevant business development content and then get laser-focused support through facilitated "Hot Seats". You can use your hot seat to remove roadblocks, brainstorm new ideas or work through any challenge that's come up. 

Cut through the clutter and get
uncompromising support

Position yourself to be stronger and more confident than ever! Enroll in the 90 Day Business & Tech Support Mastermind today!


In the next 90 days you will:

Clarify and refine your offer (make sure it is addressing the top 3 concerns of your clients)

Create, test and review your pitch

Connect with clients, make your offer, make sales

Refine your offer

Design a free offer that lines up with your paid offer perfectly

“The Tech Help”

- Create a “landing page” to collect the contact information of prospects and leads through your free offer. We will create the page for you in WordPress and will help implement it in most page builder platforms.

- Design a follow-up sequence to close the prospects and leads that have signed up for your free offer.

- We will coach you on how to make the right sequence + we will implement the technology in your email system.

Get data on your free offer, follow-up sequence and conversion stats. We will implement it in your Google Analytics account and show you how to easily see the data.

We will walk you through sales conversations that convert and teach you how to close sales.

We will help set up a simple 1 pager sales page (in WordPress or most popular page builder software) which outlines your offer. 

We will make sure you have a way to collect payment (using your existing payment system, Paypal, etc.)

Enroll today for only $797/month for 3 months or a one-time payment $2200.

 Let's make this a powerful time of achievement with life-enriching results!

Ready to go?

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